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The Collection Firm provides clients with indispensable asset location and debt collection services in the United States and around the world.

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The Collection Firm is an international debt collection company, with over 20 years of global collection experience. The Collection Firm provides domestic and international debt collection and enforcement services to over 1000 clients across more than 50 countries.

The Collection Firm combines aggressive and relentless services while maintaining professionalism with dynamic and strategic methodology.

Why Choose The Collection Firm?

It is imperative in today’s market for businesses, investors and individuals to be able to conduct international commercial activities in a profitable manner. There are many protections in place if a party breaches a contract or otherwise causes financial harm to others during these commercial activities. Parties can obtain the services of an experienced international litigation firm who understands how to apply the appropriate international laws to obtain a judgment on behalf of their injured clients. Parties can include arbitration clauses in their commercial contracts or create arbitration agreements specifying the terms and many procedural aspects of arbitration. However, few international attorneys know the relevant international debt collection laws or how to collect a judgment or arbitral award after they have won it. We are experts in this field. The Collection Firm’s team utilize unique skills in international debt recovery, a crucial asset for clients who have a money judgments or arbitral award and need to recover the funds they are entitled to under the law.


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